The Leadership Circle is an small group program with a limited number of spots. 
Even high-performing leaders need backup. 
Join a group of like-minded leaders to be inspired by and learn from. Together, we unpack what it truly takes to lead a team and how to overcome challenges so you can grow your leadership capabilities and confidence. 
Applications Typically Responded To Within 24 Hours
Do you want to...
Lead your team with Competence & Confidence?
Join the Leadership Circle and learn the skills you need to succeed as a manager.
Applications Typically Responded To Within 24 Hours
Here’s the problem: Most of us have not been given all the tools we need to succeed. We learned technical skills and job skills in school, but were barely given any training in leadership.

No matter how talented you are, you cannot succeed as a new manager if you can’t communicate effectively, influence others, stand up confidently, and build a powerful network

If you're a new manager, then you've just been given an amazing opportunity to take on your first professional leadership role and I want you to succeed. I want your team to love working for and with you. 

To do this, I have created the Leadership Circle, a program that will help you learn all the leadership skills you need but haven't been taught in school or in your job.

My goal is to give you the missing tools and support to accelerate your leadership career as a competent and confident leader while building lasting relationships with others.
  •  You've been leading a team for 1 to 10 years and are ready to optimize what you're doing to get your team to trust you and to exceed your boss's expectations
  • ​You have great ideas, but have trouble getting them adopted by your team or your superiors
  • ​You feel stressed and overwhelmed with everything you're supposed to do and aren't sure how to remain the calm, cool, and patient leader you'd like to be
  • ​You're threading feedback discussions and aren't sure how to give effective and meaningful feedback without disturbing the peace
  •  You have trouble saying no — to events that drain you or obligations and additional projects which you know you don't have the time for
  • ​You wonder why your team members aren't delivering what you expected and are getting frustrated with the lack of quality on their end
  •  You want to have influence without being 'bossy'
  • ​You’ve achieved a certain degree of success as a leader, but you know you can do much better for you, your team and your company
"The Secret of Getting the Best Results for Your Small Business Is Joining the Inner Circle."
Russell Brunson
Here is what You'll Get
A Program Designed to Help You Learn Key leadership Skills & Get The Support You Need to Succeed as a Leader.
  • Learn the key leadership skills you need to nail your job - In our live monthly workshops, you'll learn new leadership skills and tactical tips that you can use to be more effective right away. Our sessions focus on topics such as how to navigate conflict, motivate team members, boost executive presence, think strategically, manage your time, delegate effectively and much, much more.
  • ​Get personalized coaching & mentoring to navigate the different challenges you face as a leader - Twice a month, you'll join a 1-hour group coaching and live Q&A call with Ramona and a small number of peers. This means trainings don't stay "nice-to-know" theories; you actually get the coaching to apply them the right way in your situation
  • Clarify and realize your leadership style to feel confident and authentic in how you show up -  as a busy manager, it can be a challenge to find time and step back to get clear on what you value and stand for and who you want to be as a leader. Inside the Leadership Circle, you will get access to assessments and tools to help you gain the clarity you need to feel confident in who you are. 
  • ​Connect with a group to learn from and get support from other managers we're not meant to go it alone, and challenges are so much easier when shared with others who know you, believe in you, & celebrate you. In our online community, on calls & with your peer coach, build relationships that will fuel and inspire you
  • Build confidence by taking action - Each month's training comes with worksheets that break down the strategies and skills step-by-step, so you can apply them at work (and at times also at home) right away without confusion. Your confidence will grow as you take small risks, push yourself outside your comfort zone and watch your leadership capabilities expand. 
#1 - Kicking it off

1-on-1 Kick-off Call

Let's discuss your unique role and responsibilities and then strategize, define and map out your goals for this program so you can get the most out it. 

Leadership Assessments

Gain clarity on what you value, what makes you strong, and what may get in the way of you being the best leader you can be.

Live Monthly Training

Each month, you'll get a 1-hour training on a key leadership topic that will immediately strengthen your abilities to lead your team, perform in your job, and manager your stakeholders. 

Live Bi-Weekly Coaching

Get coaching on current challenges and hone in on the training topic of the month to fully leverage the learning and get confident in taking actions. We meet twice a month for 1-hour each.

Resources & Tools

Guides, tools & other resources make it easy to remember, reflect on, and apply what you learned during the monthly workshops.
#3 - ongoing Community & SUpport

Peer Coaching

If you value the network of peers in the Leadership Circle, we create the opportunity to establish a small peer group to have additional support between our monthly sessions. 

Slack Community

Members of the Leadership Circle share resources, ask questions & support one another in a private Slack team.
The investment to participate in the Leadership Circle is only $197/month. No monthly commitments; you can cancel any time.
What you'll Learn
In this monthly program, we will cover topics such as...
  • Emotional Intelligence: Gain a deeper understanding of your own emotions, behaviors and thought patterns and how they are serving or not serving you as a leader to others
  •  Productivity: Become laser-focused and learn how to minimize distractions
  •  Time Management: Plan and manage your time effectively so you can work on what matters most
  •  Coaching Skills: Learn how to have effective and empowering conversations by applying key coaching skills
  •  Feedback: Understand the art and science of feedback to 
  •  Discover how to influence, motivate and persuade your team and stakeholders
  •  Build your network of champions and supporters inside and outside your organization 
  •  Learn how to deal with rejection and failure so that you're prepared and can turn any situation into a new opportunity
. To give you my 1-on-1 attention and support throughout the program, this offer is for a limited number of people only. Follow these 3 steps to complete your application.


Click on the "Apply Instantly" button and answer a few simple questions so I can make an initial assessment if this program is right for you.


Get on a call with me to find out if we are a good match and answer any questions you have. 


Complete the application process, including payment, and get ready to meet a group of amazing leaders, just like you. 
I'm looking forward to getting to know you and see you rise & shine as the leader you are meant to be!

Supportive, insightful and super knowledgeable...

Ramona is one of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with. She is supportive, insightful and super knowledgeable about best practices in the management and leadership space. Her style is also strengths-based and goal-oriented and I was able to make a ton of progress in our time together.

Tess Posner, CEO, AI4ALL

I wish I had worked with her before first moving into a people-manager role...

“Ramona was an invaluable leadership coach to me during a time of transition. With her guidance, I managed many different challenges with greater ease. She was truly invested in my success as a manager and went above and beyond to support my growth (this included replying to my emails during off-hours when I was in an urgent situation). I wish I had met & worked with Ramona before first moving into a people-manager role, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn the ropes of leadership.”

David Spiegel, Data Scientist

Huge help in developing more effective leadership habits...

Ramona has been a huge help in developing more effective leadership habits and in discovering a career path that I feel passionate about and is effective with my personal leadership style. With that, I’m now able to feel more confident, develop better relationships and overall be more successful in my role as a manager. She is incredibly resourceful and her arsenal of tools and frameworks will help me for years or even decades to come. Ramona has recently helped me work through a challenging situation I and was so grateful to have had her on my side as a partner and guide the entire way through. I highly recommend Ramona and her programs to anyone who is eager to learn and grow as a leader.

Diane Perez, Global Ethics & Compliance Manager

She teach what you need to succeed as a leader...

"Highly recommend working with Ramona. Not only does she teach what you need to succeed as a leader but she gives you skills that you can use in all facets of your business. Ramona been invaluable to our executive team here at Permian Capital Management."

Josh Kernan, Partner at Permian Capital Management

Recommend her to anyone who wants the tools to become a better leader...

"As someone aiming to be a great leader, I felt empowered and enlightened after working with Ramona. She has an incredible ability to offer actionable steps that help me achieve my goals and improve my skills. I definitely recommend her to anyone who wants the tools to become a better leader."

Christine Cashin, Software Engineer

Been able to improve my effectiveness as a leader in many different ways...

“Ramona is an excellent leadership coach. With her guidance, I’ve been able to improve my effectiveness as a leader in many different ways. Her frameworks, questions and suggestions have been incredibly beneficial to me and have had a direct impact in the way I lead my team and work with my stakeholders
I can’t recommend her enough to anyone looking to strengthen their leadership skills.”

Mark Langlie, Director of Talent Acquisition

Actionable tools to implement...

"Ramona's training was incredibly valuable and I left with actionable tools to implement. I highly recommend her services to anyone who's responsible for leading a team"

Payman Fazly, Consultant

Benefited me greatly...

"Ramona represents the exceptional balance of a Structured Leader that works with her clients to achieve high-performance habits and leadership behaviors, and Authentic Leader who is able to connect with each of her clients to reach new levels of productivity and fulfillment in their lives. Collaborating and learning with her has been a true pleasure and has benefited me greatly." 

Delene Miller, Consultant
Hi, I'm Ramona.

I spent years working in a corporate setting as a former VP at a global private equity firm. With seven years of leadership experience on an international scale, I’ve worked with a lot of highly successful and intelligent people and have noticed patterns in the world of business, leadership, and life. 

Today, I help managers become leaders people love to work for.  By adopting high-performance habits and leadership behaviors my clients reach new levels of productivity, success, and confidence at work.
Ramona Shaw
Professional Leadership Coach and Creator of the Leadership Circle
How will this program be delivered?
This is a monthly program. We will have a training call on a Tuesday and a Q&A call on a Friday once a month. In addition, you'll get a few resources and tools throughout the month to help you with taking actions and I'm available for additional support as and when you need it. 

To get you started, you'll be asked to complete 2 assessments and we'll schedule a 1-on-1 call to get to know each other and get clear on your specific challenges and goals for this program. This will help me provide you with personal support inside the Leadership Circle. 
How much does it cost?
The investment in the Leadership Circle is only $197/month. It includes one leadership training and two coaching calls each month, plus access to a library of resources and tools, including a top-notch leadership and personality type assessment platform (incl. DISC, 16 Types, Enneagram and more) with automatically created coaching tips for you and your entire team.
What if I can’t make the live calls?
No problem. All calls will be recorded and made available to you in a Member Area dedicated to this program. You can access the recording within a few hours after the live call and watch it at your own convenience.

If you have questions, you can submit them in advance and I'll make sure to address them during the live Q&A call so you can get the answer when you watch the recording. 
How much time will this take each week?
You will need to invest at least 2-3 hours each month to participate in the training and coaching calls. Anything else is optional. But the more you ask questions and engage in the group, the more you'll get out. 

I know you're busy and wonder how you could possibly add more to your workload than you already have. However, what you learn in this program will save you a significant amount of time in managing your team and dealing with issues that you'll be able to prevent. And I bet, you'll get more than 2-3 hours back in time each month. 
Need approval from your boss to attend?
Check with your manager and the human resources team to determine your professional development budget as well as any leadership development/training/tuition reimbursement budget.

Check out the program overview linked to below to help justify your participation in this program and explain why it is important that you attend. It outlines core content, program details, and costs. 

I'm not sure if this is right for me. What should I do?
If you’re not sure if this is the right program for you right now, just apply and we can have a conversation before you decide. 
Who is this not for?
This program is not for executives who are seeking specific guidance or 1-on-1 coaching for their unique role or situation. If that's you, let's connect and we can discuss my 1-on-1 coaching offerings. 

It is also not for professionals looking to change career or find a new job. If you need help with any of these, I'd be happy to refer you to some outstanding coaches who specialize in helping people in such situations. 
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